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Robert Casson

Adelaide, Australia

About Robert Casson

Professor Robert Casson MB,BS (Hons), M.Biostatistics, DPhil, FRANZCO is the Head of the Discipline of Ophthalmology and Visual Science at Adelaide University. He is an internationally recognized ophthalmic clinician/scientist with special interests in glaucoma, retinal cell biology, neuroprotection, ophthalmic epidemiology and translational ophthalmic research. After completion of a laboratory-based DPhil in 2004 he returned to Australia and established the South Australian Institute of Ophthalmology (SAIO), including the Ophthalmic Research Laboratory co-located with Neuropathology in the Hanson Institute. In June 2017, the lab moved to the new AHMS building. He has approximately 200 publications, and multiple NHMRC grants. He is a founding board member of the ophthalmologist-led, evidence-based NGO, Sight for All, and serves as their Chief Scientific Advisor. In 2012, he completed a Masters of Biostatistics at Adelaide University.